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Raises bar with environmentally friendly lift truck

Toyota Industrial Equipment, a division of Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI), in conjunction with Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU), today unveiled its highly anticipated line of 8-Series lift trucks, which includes 3,000-6,500 lb, internal combustion cushion and pneumatic tire models. The 8-Series lift truck is the world's cleanest internal combustion lift truck available – far exceeding 2007 federal EPA emission standards. It also offers significant advancements in durability, ergonomics and overall cost of operation. All 8-Series lift trucks sold in North America are produced at Toyota's manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ind., Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM).

"We have a long and distinguished history of providing the most innovative and durable lift trucks on the market and the 8-Series is no exception," said Shankar Basu, president and CEO of TMHU. "In the 8-Series, we have delivered an environmentally friendly lift truck that not only reduces operation costs and enhances operator safety, it also meets California's 2010 emission standards three years early."

"We are very excited about providing the new 8-Series to the Canadian market. The advancements in durability and reliability along with ergonomic and serviceability enhancements make this truck the perfect piece of material handling equipment for any type of application including even the harshest environments," said Rob Reinders, Director, Toyota Canada Industrial Equipment Division.

A New Standard in Emissions Reduction
Toyota's 4Y engine, known for its quality, durability and reliability, features an exclusive closed-loop fuel system design that automatically adjusts and optimizes the air-fuel mixture ratio. This system works in conjunction with a three-way catalytic muffler, together minimizing emissions such as hydrocarbons (HC), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and carbon monoxide (CO). As a result, all Toyota 8-Series gasoline, LPG and CNG configured models will produce 70% less smog-forming emissions than the 2007 federal EPA standards. This emission system also meets the more stringent 2010 California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission standards, which is welcome news to California end users seeking ways to meet CARB's end user fleet averaging measures, recently adopted this past May 2006.

A Benchmark for Durability
The 8-Series upholds Toyota's historic levels of durability – and then some. The fully redesigned chassis features a significant reduction in cosmetic sheet metal and plastic. This combined with a durable engine hood and stamped steel side panels allows the 8-Series to withstand the harshest working environments.

Emphasis on improving reliability and maximizing uptime was a key focus in the design of the 8-Series. The new model lineup features a unique electrical system, which incorporates weatherproof connectors and a sealed box, isolating critical controllers and relays from pressure washing, adverse weather conditions and corrosive applications. An improved cooling system layout provides optimal airflow through the radiator and counterweight further reducing the likelihood of overheating and extending the overall life of critical engine and hydraulic system components. A fully sealed air intake system is located high on the overhead guard pillar, keeping low-lying dust and debris from entering the intake system.

A variety of new application specific options provide end users the highest levels of durability and reliability. Toyota's new Intelli-Shiftâ„¢ option helps protect critical drive train components from abusive full-speed directional shift changes by allowing them only at programmable speeds. For brake pad consuming high-cycle, short-run applications, a new optional wet brake system provides exceptionally long life while reducing heat build-up, dust intrusion and brake noise.

Visibility Enhanced
Once in the seat, operators driving the 8-Series will immediately notice significant visibility enhancements. By integrating a dash-mounted digital display, low profile cowl, repositioned lower mast cross-member, along with a number of other changes, the 8-Series has been able to achieve industry leading fork tip visibility. The wide-view mast, angled overhead guard bars and ergonomically designed operator assist grips combine to give the 8-Series exceptional forward and upward visibility.

Improved Operator Comfort
Operator comfort was a top priority in the design of the 8-Series. It is commonly known throughout the industry that comfortable operators are more productive. The 8-Series includes a variety of features making it the most ergonomically advanced lift truck available.

Operators will immediately notice significant improvements in floor space and overall legroom. These enhancements combined with a larger entry step, and a curvilinear overhead guard, significantly reduce the operator's effort during entry and exit.

Non-cinching seat belts have been integrated as standard equipment on the
8-Series, which improves operators' comfort by preventing the seat belt from ratcheting down on the operator's waist, particularly during reverse travel. Its smaller steering wheel requires less effort, and in turn reduces operator shoulder strain.

Toyota also incorporated several optional features to further enhance the ergonomics of the 8-Series. These options include a swivel seat, mini-lever and joystick hydraulic controls with Ergo-ShiftTM, and a rear assist grip with horn button.

Toyota's exclusive synchronized steering option enhances operator comfort by automatically correcting misalignment between the angle of the steering wheel and turn angle of the steer tires. This maintains consistent steering wheel position for improved hand placement during operation.

Proven Safety Benefits
According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), lift truck accidents are the second-leading cause of fatalities in the private sector, with highway vehicles being the first. Like its predecessor, the 8-Series continues to offer Toyota's exclusive System of Active Stabilityâ„¢ (SAS). OSHA mandated operator lift truck training, along with Toyota's revolutionary SAS design, have combined to help decrease overturn fatalities per lift truck by 13.6 percent.

A New Level of Performance, Productivity
The Toyota designed and manufactured gas and diesel engines, the 4Y and 1DZ-II, are capable of exceeding performance demands in the toughest workplace environment.

Load handling is secured with Toyota's exclusive travel speed/acceleration control system option, which utilizes a number of controls to enhance material handling performance and efficiency. Operators also will enjoy increased productivity with several options, including an integral sideshifter, which improves load capacity retention and forward visibility.

Reduced Maintenance
Toyota incorporated many ease-of-service features into the 8-Series to save customers time and money. With the optional multifunction digital display, the 8-Series lift truck performs self diagnostics through a built-in analyzer, which eliminates the need for a hand-held unit. When the truck is in Analyzer Mode, it displays the status of the electrical system and allows instantaneous access to information detected by the controller, which reduces down time. The 8-Series also features a programmable planned maintenance hour meter that notifies operators of the need for routine maintenance and service via the digital display monitor.

In addition routine maintenance areas are easily accessible with features such as the one-touch fuel tank bracket, and the no-tool floorboard that lifts out in seconds to expedite daily operator checks. Unlike many of today's lift truck designs, the 8-Series hydraulic filter is located outside of the hydraulic tank, ensuring easier service and replacement during recommended service intervals.

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