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Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Pentalift Hydraulic Dock Levelers provide superior value through prolonged, trouble-free performance. They are designed to provide the highest level of safety through automatic push button operation. The Pentalogic hydraulic manifold revolutionized hydraulic control circuitry by eliminating multiple value assemblies, which can cause on-site adjustments, oil leaks and hydraulic component failure. Designed to provide reliability, safety and performance!

New – Solar Powered Dock Levelers

The Pentalift SolarDock provides all the proven advantages of hydraulic dock leveler operation with the added benefit of using renewable solar energy as the power source.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Pentalift Mechanical Dock Levelers are designed to meet the needs of today's loading docks. They are semi-automatic and require no manual lifting. A simple pull chain, positioned at the rear of the deck, engages and releases the dock. The patented Easy Float Hold and Down Posilock Lip Operator make this the safest mechanical leveler available. Easy Float brake band lets the deck assembly float with the trailer while in use!

Elevating Dock Lifts

Elevating dock lifts simplify loading functions and create safer working conditions where loading docks don't exist or in conjunction with dock levelers to provide greater flexibility for a busy loading dock. Pentalift pit-mounted and low-profile surface mounted elevating dock scissor lifts provide an increased service range which will eliminate the potential of unsafe loading operations due to severe height differences between ground level and the truck's trailer bed. Safer and more efficient than loading by ramp or by hand!

Pentalift Hyd DL
Pentalift Fully Hydraulic Dock Levelers available in rated capacities ranging from 25,000 lb to 160,ooo lb.

Pentalift Hyd EOD
Pentalift Edge of Dock Levelers available in either mechanical or hydraulic (shown), rated capacities ranging from 20,000 lb to 30,000 lb.

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